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This was the second time that Simply Organized & Staged has come into our home and provided excellent service. Tracy was beyond professional, and has the ability to take a look at a space and provide the perfect combination of "pretties" as she likes to call them, along with the furniture to pull a room together.

Not only did she come in and stage our house amazingly, the house sold on first showing. I credit her and her staging skills for a large part of that. The new owners loved the house so much, and what she had put together, that they ended up buying a couple of pieces of furniture off of her.

The question isn't "If you should stage", the answer is a definite yes, the question is "Why wouldn't you choose Simply Organized & Staged"

Thomas Goings


I was skeptical at inviting someone into my home to evaluate its readiness of sale. One of my hobbies is home decorating, keeping things as clean & shiny as possible, and I felt that I was going to do fine by myself. That is when I stumbled across Tracy's website and saw the experience and marketing perspective that I had never thought of before. I scheduled an appt and when she came, she was just absolutely wonderful. A fresh set of eyes that could envision a home sold, by doing some simple updates and changes. Tracy is a master of her craft. MY HOME WAS SOLD FOR FULL PRICE AT THE FIRST SHOWING! I am a believer in her company, and give her huge kudos for helping me sell - for sale by owner. Thank you so, so much Tracy. You will not be forgotten.



Tracy, OMG!!!!! I love her room! The floor plan was genius! I went up there after starting my coffee, just to admire it again!

Thank you so much!!!


Dear Tracy...Thank you for your excellent program on the 15th at the Lakeview Library!! You sure got me fired up to dig into 22 years of "stuff" and declutter, reorganize and donate, room by room, closets etc. in the hopes of selling here in the next year. I was feeling overwhelmed for a long time and just needed to hear what you two had to say. My last question was "where do you start?" And, you said, "with a plan." Well, this is an enormous task for the house to look like a PRODUCT but I will attempt to make it happen. If not, I sure have your NUMBER for help and I won't hesitate to call you!

You'll never know how beneficial your program was to me...and I surely say thanks for all your tips, hints and knowledge...and taking the time to teach some that surely need help as we get to the age when it's either we "clean stuff out" or the kids come in and "just toss!"

Keep teaching and my best to you both in your interesting work.

Janet McCarty


Hi Tracy! I wanted to thank you so very much for the absolute transformation of our kitchen, gathering room, hallway, front entry, and stairway! It has completely changed the look and feel of absolutely everything about our home. Every member of our family loves everything, as well! I was also surprised to have received a note from you in the mail and wanted to thank you for that, as well. That was so kind of you.

Thanks again!!!
Julie F., Peoria, IL


Dave and I had the responsibility of selling his folks' home. The house was in decent shape, but everything was very outdated. Following the recommendation of our realtor, we set up an appointment with Tracy of Simply Organized & Staged. What seemed like a monumental task to us, became quite easy with their assistance. Tracy gave us affordable and practical advice, which we followed closely. During a very slow season in the housing market, ours sold! Now I know why they call their company SOS!
Dave & Kathy, Peoria IL


Just wanted to thank you again for all of your wonderful ideas for our space. I especially love the furniture placement --- I would have never thought of that, but it is just what the room needed! The kids loved it too when they got home from school --- especially the tree!

Thanks again for working around our construction mess! I'm so ready to get everything put back together again. I may need some help, so I have your number!
Amy, Peoria IL


The suggestions you gave us came in handy as far as keeping the house in order, pre-packing as much as possible and the placement of furniture and knick knacks made the house show really well. One suggestion you gave us was to keep a laundry basket handy to put odd and end stuff in and put that in the car in case of a short notice showing. Because of a miscommunication we had people show up 24 hours early for their showing. But because of your suggestions the house was 95% ready the rest went into the laundry basket and into our van! We actually had an offer on the 1st showing! It was a contingent offer on them selling their home. But that proves to me the house is showing well Thanks again, Tracy!
Libby V, Germantown Hills


I am ready to tackle the next step. I love the laundry system. I NEED more systems like that to simplify my life! I really feel like it has made my laundry so much more manageable. Thank you!
Wendy S.


Tracy, I wanted to let you know how excited I was to see my house. I felt like it was on HGTV and you come back into your home blindfolded!!! I loved it. You took all my rooms that seemed incomplete and made them absolutely beautiful and homey. Now they all look put together. You both did a fantastic job.

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Thanks again.
Lori Blackhurst, Jim Maloof Realtor


Tracy was very professional with wonderful ideas and tips. She thought of things I never would have and they worked! She knows what she is doing and does a great job! Tracy is very friendly and made organizing fun for me and my husband and even my five year old who said, “This is my best room ever.” I totally recommend her to anyone, especially if you are ready to quit looking for your things. After Tracy visits you will be able to not only find what it is you are looking for, it will have its own home-so you will know where to put it back!

Thank you
Becky, Peoria IL


Tracy, Bill and I are so pleased with the outcome of your services. I didn’t think it could be done, let alone doing it in such a short time. Keeping it up is proving to be quick and easy. An entire basement filled with boxes and totes. In a day and a half they were not only sorted but also organized! You’ll never know how much we appreciate you!! It was worth every penny and then some.

Rita Reoch, Washington IL


Tracy, I loved your ideas for switching rooms. I am slowly doing that. Some of my sewing/scrap booking is upstairs already and some of the toys are downstairs. I will do this – just will take awhile! The kids' rooms are mostly done.

Thanks for your ideas!
Diane, Metamora IL


Tracy, my husband and I are so thankful for you and your home staging/seller prep program. You really made a big difference in our home! I never would have thought to switch the furniture that way. The scale definitely worked better, and the room showed much better! Plus, the rooms looked bigger and flowed better. I now understand what you meant when you said, "we don’t sell our homes the same way we live in them!" Having our home inspected ourselves was brilliant, too.

We loved having the confidence that our home was in great condition and we were not going to get slowed up at the end. After you staged our home and Steve inspected it we put it on the market and we had a full-price offer in two weeks! We recommend you guys to everyone!

Thank you so much
Dawn, Germantown Hills


Tracy, I love the way you re-arranged my furniture and decorated with my things. I was ready to pitch it all and start over. My husband is thrilled that we were able to save the money and make what we had look so good. I can’t believe these are my things, and that they look so good.
Lee, Metamora IL


We decided to sell our own house and hired Tracy Molendi to stage and show the house for us. We had an open house on July 15, 2007, and sold it by Wednesday on July 18th for full asking price. Tracy’s helpful suggestions and actual staging our home made the sell a sure thing. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to sell their home or maybe just need to get organized. She is certified and a joy to work with.
Bill and Nancy, East Peoria IL

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