Education for Seller on importance of presentation, plan for home, paint and finishes selected. This plan gives the seller all info they need to get house ready.

We do the sellers list for them and place furniture, art and décor. We recommend this service as we see lower DOM when we do the work.

Accessory Package
This package goes along with our Showcasing, when occupied homes need just a little more appeal, we will add in art and décor to make the home market ready!

We provide this service for our Staging clients. We remove wallpaper, paint and do updates and repairs.

We have a team of trades people to make this process stress free. We supervise the process and make sure we get in and out quickly so the house can be listed.

Vacant Staging
Empty homes take twice as long to sell. We have a 6,000 sq. ft. warehouse full of furniture art and decor. We can take care of any project.

Photo Staging
Budget too small for a full vacant staging package? We can do a full stage for a weekend for pictures and an open house. We charge labor but no rent…it is always best to have the home Staged for buyers to see when they walk in, but if you can’t this is the next best thing!